Working with IOSL
Our Culture

We are proud of our accomplishments so far, excited by the future in store as we embrace our corporate responsibility in the oil industry. We have a plan to significantly grow our business over the next decade.

Our success is based on our vision statement: To develop people, to work together and to create value for the Company's shareholders.

IOSL fosters an environment where people can grow, contribute and be rewarded for their contributions. It's a simple formula - but it works! If you're driven by results, we'd like you to become a part of our continuing success. Consider joining our team.

At IOSL, performance is on top of the table. We have extensive measurement systems and incentive schemes to identify and encourage performance. In this way, the extra effort that you put towards customer satisfaction will  be recognized. Rewards, promotions and growth opportunities are based on performance.

Our innovative, employee-oriented human resources practices have resulted in much improved performance by our people. Our extensive focus on Quality, Safety and Performance makes IOSL a desired company to work for.

If that excites you, send your resume to us now at for work culture.
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