HSSE Training and Audit

We conducted so far successfully 402 internal training programs for our employees to educate them about Health,Safety and Security Systems and 104 external training programs in and around India.

Training of Personnel

Types of Training:

  • Our IOSL HSSE, internal and External trainings. Our training includes Statutory Requirements,skill enhancement and Safety &Security. Our External Training covers
  • Aviation Safety
  • Personality Development
  • Team building
  • Integrated Management Development Workshop
  • Passion to Win
  • Corporate Etiquette

    Statutory Aviation Refresher Course
    Skill Enhancement
  •  Driving skills
  •  Quality Control
  •  Automation
  • External Training
  •  Aviation Safety
  •  Personality Development
    » Team building
    » Integrated Management Development Workshop
    » Passion to Win
    » Corporate Etiquette
  • Safety & Security
  •  Mock Drill
  •  First Aid Training
  •  Onsite & Offsite Emergency Drill
  •  Aviation Security Training

  • Intensive Audit Program
    The internal HSSE audit program is an ongoing review of our operations to ensure personnel safety and environmental protection. Audits enable us to identify risk, determine the degree of implementation and effectiveness of the HSE Management System and evaluate compliance with applicable regulations.
    » Our facilities are audited by third parties, including regulatory agencies and certifying bodies. Our Safety Systems are in line with International Standards
    » Full Scale Mock Fire Drill with all Stake Holders and Government Agencies: Twice an Year. ( April & December)
    » Full Scale Bomb Threat Drill: Dec 2012.