About IOSL

IndianOil Skytanking Limited (IOSL), is a Joint Venture company promoted by Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) and M/s Skytanking Holding GmbH, Germany (ST) with equal equity participation.


Incorporated on 21st August 2006 IOSL is the forerunner in implementing Open Access Model in Fuel Farm Operations and Single Man Refuelling in India. IndianOil Skytanking is in the business of handling Jet Fuel for Airlines on behalf of the suppliers. The decade long journey commenced its operations in May 2008 at Bangalore International Airport through a BOOT business model. It was then followed by providing O&M & ITP services at the IGI Airport - the Worlds best Airport in the category of 25-40 million passengers, the largest in the country in terms of air traffic movement, Jet Fuel requirement, Jet Fuel Storage facility and longest hydrant refuelling system effective July 2010. Along the journey IOSL established its presence at Mumbai Airport providing into-plane fuelling services effective January 2015. Having carved out a niche with lean, efficient and cost effective operations the Oil Marketing Companies began outsourcing the operations & maintenance of their Aviation Fuelling status. Today the Company has established its operations at five civil airports and two defence bases apart from the three metro airports, taking tally total 10 locations. IOSL today, proudly operates and manages airports located at 3000 m above MSL and that too under hostile and adverse climatic conditions.


IOSL is an ISO 9001 & 14001 accredited organization. The credit rating of IOSPL by CRISIL is AA- stable and by CARE is AA in 2016 and has been consistently adding value to its share-holders.


IndianOil Skytanking Pvt. Ltd (IOSL), is currently India\92s leading private company in the field of Operations and Maintenance of Fuel Farm and Into plane services. IOSL subsequently established into the business of commissioning of Hydrant systems.


IOSL handles 44% of Jet Fuel consumed pan-India, which currently translates to 3,273 TKL registering a CAGR of 33% over the past decade. IOSL refuels one aircraft every second minute across our network delivering an average of 312KL per hour. The current market share of Into-plane fuelling business stands at 73% on a combined basis of Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai Airports and these three airports account for approximately 37% of All India consumption of Jet Fuel.


This Operational excellence is backed by comprehensive support functions like HSSE, HR, BD and Finance. A steady growth, expansion and profit demonstrates a holistic, progressive and professional approach to conducting business that is also in sync with dynamic business environment.


IOSL has also been engaged in the business of Technical Consultancy to Airport Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractors, Airport Operators as well as in the Commissioning of Fuel Hydrant Lines at Airports.


IOSL believes that “Success does not come from doing easy work but comes after the achievement of a challenging and difficult task that demands best efforts and right attitude”.

And the IOSL journey continues……………………

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